What is WYG?

WYG is the first company to help families travel light by renting them everything they’ll need for their kids during their stay. Our experts have tested and selected the best product around to make sure you can enjoy your stay in the best condition.

What is a TravelMate?

All our delivery are taken care of by TravelMate, selected people that are used to work with children and wants to help people discover their neighbourhood and be a part of a community. When you apply to be a TravelMate on our platform, we will check with you that you have the right state of mind to be a part of our community. We will then need to synchronize your calendar to see when we can send you request for delivery. After that you are ready to accept your first order, as soon as we have a family coming for vacation near you, we will send you your first TravelKit and you can start put some smile on happy travelers.

Is it free to be a TravelMate?

Completely, you don’t need to buy anything and you don’t need to pay us anything. We will only take a bankcard imprint as a security deposit for the TravelKit.

How much can I make?

For a 1 week booking, you will make 60€. Usually, one booking take between 1 and 3 hours for delivery, pick up and refurbishment. We will never send you a booking more than 30km from your home. On average our TravelMate are making more than 600 € per month.

How can I be paid?

Depending on your residential country, you can either be paid as a company or a single person. We will pay you at the end of the month for every delivery you’ve made.

Can I refuse an order if I can’t make it?

We will always send you request at least 72 hours in advance and prefer that you never have to cancel it once you accept it.